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Name:Open For All Bandom Prompt Meme
Posting Access:Select Members
This comm wants to provide the kind of prompt meme you know and love from other fandoms.

1. All bandom bands are allowed. If you stray beyond the "core" bandom bands (let's call them the six degrees of Pete Wentz) it might take longer for someone to fill your prompt.

2. Cross-overs are welcome & encouraged.

3. Prompts can be left anonymously, but it's not required. Same goes for fills. IP logging is turned off and anonymous commenting is on.

4. You can leave any kind of prompts, from general prompts like "Ray gen" or "Pete/Patrick kidfic" to kinks (knifeplay, anyone?). Use your own discretion when browsing the posts.

5. A round will run for two weeks. A post will go up and you'll be able to submit prompts & post fills in the comments. After two weeks, we'll compile the list of fills and post a new entry. Lather, rinse, repeat.

6. When posting prompts or fills, please make use of the subject lines.

7. When posting fills, we require the following warnings: non/dubcon, underage, death, graphic violence. Please use other/more warnings at your own discretion.

8. Fills can be anything, from fic to podfic to graphics. Any type of fanwork is acceptable. Prompts can have more than one fill.

9. The meme can only work if there are people leaving prompts and filling them! You are not required to post a fill if you leave a prompt, but please remember to check the prompts once in a while to see if there's anything that sparks you.

10. If you have any questions/concerns, please don't hesitate to contact your mods, [personal profile] eledhwenlin and [personal profile] akamine_chan.

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